Precision Nutrition

  • Converted deployment system from Chef to Ansible to manage staging and production environments
  • Built infrastructure for PostgreSQL, Haproxy, Nginx, Rails and DataDog
  • Scaled infrastructure to 4x the traffic and implemented infrastructure monitoring
  • Implemented fire drills and training to address with operational emergencies

In the two years that Shey worked with us at Precision Nutrition, he helped us totally transform our environment and the way we handle DevOps.

Shey saw us through migrating from Chef to Ansible, introducing an on-call rotation and setting up extensive monitoring of our environment.

Shey also helped us scale our environment to handle more than 4x the traffic we had been serving. Through it all, Shey was a pleasure to work with and was constantly committed to ensuring that our team had the knowledge and skills needed to understand and support our environment.

Thanks Shey!

- Luke Galea, Chief Technology Officer, Precision Nutrition


  • Worked closely with founders to hire development team
  • Guiding CEO and COO through deployment, product and infrastructure roadmap
  • Running one-on-ones across the techology team, as well as sprint planning and development retrospectives

Working with Shey has been (and continues to be) a delight - he's been instrumental to the Qoints team since we started working together around Sept 2015.

Shey's technical skills are more than sound, but what has impressed me the most is how quickly he was able to gain a deep understanding of our business, and subsequently determine how he could provide the most value to us.

In my experience, it's very hard to find people with Shey's skillset that are so enthusiastic about helping your organization thrive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Shey as a senior consultant for any technology startup.

- Harris Maxwell, COO and Co-founder,


  • Optimized postgresql database queries resulting in 50% improvement in page load times.
  • Wrote node.js deployment scripts in Ansible for the VMFarms server environment
  • Instrumented sales funnel tracking via KissMetrics
  • Coached development team in "dev/ops" practices: query optimization, log+error management, deployment hygiene

Shey's technical skills are impressive, but more importantly, he takes the time to listen and understand the business.

His passion and excitement make him easy and fun to work with.

He's careful, reliable and trustworthy, which is why we chose him to support us with our DevOps and infrastructure projects. I recommend Shey as a consultant to any technology startup.